7 Best Gaming Monitors Under 150

7 Best Gaming Monitors Under 150

If you are really into gaming, you probably have your gaming setup carved somewhere comfortable in your home. You have the perfect chair, the ideal control setup, quality audio and now, you are in the market for the best monitor. Having the right monitor will have quite a significant impact on your gaming experience so you must be very picky.  With a budget that doesn’t allow you to spend above 150, getting a  decent monitor might prove tricky. However, don’t worry because we’ve got your back.

There are certain key things to look for in the best gaming monitors under 150. They include things like low gray to gray response time, the right color balance and clarity, solid lighting, the refresh rate and the native resolution. You might also want to consider the native contrast ratio because it may have some effects, depending on how much of a hardcore a gamer you are.

The best thing about gaming monitors is how vast and ripe the market is. There is so much variety that you will find something that suits you just fine. In this guide, we have listed some of the best gaming monitors currently on the market going for 150 or less. With our guide, you can have your pick, and rest assured of an incredible gaming experience!

Things to consider when looking for the best gaming monitors under 150

  • Your preferred type of screen – glossy or matte display.
  • Does the panel matter? What kind would you like?
  • The size of screen you want or need
  • Screen resolution that you want or need.ViewSonic best gaming monitors under 150

ViewSonic MHD VX2457 Monitor

If what you are looking for a decent gaming monitor that comes packing as much punch as you can find under 150, then this is it. The most notable feature of the ViewSonic 24 inch 1080p gaming monitor is its AMD FreeSync tech design which improves overall gaming experience. This is something you are not likely to find on most monitors under this price. The next best thing is the clarity the display offers for both gaming as well as other multimedia purposes. The panel is TN, and while there may be better panels in the market, this is one is excellent for that price.

The monitor response is excellent, and it accommodates heavier games at exceptional speed. As a test, you can load it with a game that goes up to 75Hz with no hiccups. Also, it comes with a set of speakers – a bonus for any gaming enthusiast. If you want to turn things up a notch, you can always add dedicated external gaming speakers for a better gaming experience, and for $111 to $139, it’s a great bargain!

HP Pavillion 22cwa best gaming monitors under 150

HP Pavilion 22cwa 

Even if your game just for the fun of it, you still need an affordable monitor that allows you to play well and still handle other things as well. If that’s what you are looking for then, this is the product for you. What sets this monitor apart from the rest is its unfailing performance. Even though looks might not matter much, this monitor has a way better look than most on the list and even better than that it features an IPS panel.

At this price range, you will be lucky to walk away with a monitor that features an IPS panel. The image and exceptional video quality are pretty good, the viewing angle is even better, and it offers value. In addition to that, it comes bundled up with some extra features such as HP enhancement technology to further enhance the display and an anti-glare function that will give you better image clarity. The thin borders are ideal for multi-monitor-setup, and you get a gorgeous screen for only $89.99 on Amazon.

BenQ-GL2460HM best gaming monitors under 150

BenQ GL2460HM Monitor

This monitor is amongst the list of best gaming monitors under 150 and works as an excellent choice for beginners to pro gamers. It serves both your gaming needs and daily uses. On offer is a full 1080p support with 16:9 ratio. This is way more than any average monitor can provide, and it comes designed to offer a quality gaming experience sacrificing on the outlook, which is not so bad.

The monitor also features a six-inch glossy frame with black bezels and can tilt about 20 degrees back and five degrees to the front. On top of that, the monitor comes with a fantastic smoothness that will see you through your best titles, a good pair of speakers, remarkable versatility, great video and image quality, HDMI/DVI ports and fast response. It is an overall great monitor that comes complete in almost every way and costs $139 on Amazon.

Asus VS239H-P best gaming monitors under 150

Asus VS239H-P Gaming Monitor

This is one of those exceptionally looking 23-inch matte screen monitors you can find under 150.  It doesn’t just stop there because the monitor offers incredible performance. This is super cool for gamers who value performance over price. The video and image quality rival any similarly priced monitor and possibly outdo some above its price point. It features the In-Plane-Switching technology that provides an excellent viewing angle and also has a controlling bleeding feature! It is very hard to find such a panel on monitors within or below this budget.

Some additionally great features that come with this monitor include excellent image and remarkable video quality, inbuilt power adaptor, high response rate, HDMI/DVI/VGA ports and can go as high as 27 inches if you like. If image quality and exceptional performance are what you have set your eyes on more than anything, this monitor will do you justice; for only $122 on Amazon.

Acer R240HY best gaming monitors under 150

Acer R240HY Gaming Monitor

This is a 23.8 inch well built, highly functional monitor that comes at a very affordable price. It boasts of good image and outstanding video quality, and is not only great for gaming but also watching movies and performing your daily computerized tasks. This Acer gaming monitor is ultra-slim in design. One of the best things about it is that despite most IPS monitors featuring low response and refresh times, it doesn’t. At this price range, this is a rare feature to have.

It comes with a 75Hz refresh rate and 4ms response rate, making it one of the best, on the list of best gaming monitors under 150. When you decide to take a break from gaming, consider turning it into a TV console, and enjoy its clear video quality, sturdy build, HDMI, VGA, and DVI; for only $129 on Amazon.

DELL S2216M best gaming monitors under 150

DELL S2216M Monitor

Dell is one of the most popular brands in the market. They have a long-standing competitive track record for developing quality gaming monitors. This monitor comes with a minimalistic design that adjusts and moves with ease to suit your preferences. With 1920 by 1080 pixels res, you will enjoy the astonishing image and decent video quality it provides.

It has a refresh rate of 60Hz and a response rate of 6ms that offers a remarkably smooth and speedy gaming experience. This is almost unheard of for that price! It has a 22.0” widescreen, a flat viewing panel, excellent design, good coloring and it is environmentally friendly too. The monitor comes with an arsenic-free glass as well as a mercury-free panel. The monitor works using a plug-and-play model, and it is LED-lit as well. To describe it merely as just any other gaming monitor is an injustice; it functions as an all-rounded monitor that will amaze you beyond expectations; for only $136 on Amazon.

BenQ GW2265HM best gaming monitors under 150

BenQ GW2265HM Gaming Monitor

Surprise, surprise – another BenQ makes it to our under 150 monitors list, that’s how good they are as gaming monitors.  It features 1920 by 1080 screen resolution, a 60Hz refresh rate and a 4ms response rate, which is pretty good for the price. This monitor uses a quality VA panel that will offer you enhanced contrast and black uniformity, and the viewing angle is not that bad either.

It is very stable, despite being very lightweight and svelte in design, and comes with in-built speakers. In addition to that, you get a screen with anti-glare, lightweight design, VESA mounting and detailed and vivid video quality. For only $119, you will love it, particularly if you play your best games at night.


These are the best gaming monitors under 150, and any of them would be an excellent choice for your budget.  Whatever your choice, the monitor is guaranteed to serve you well. We hope that this list is helpful in guiding you to make an informed decision towards picking the right monitor for your gaming experience.

There aren’t very many capable monitors at this price range, but for you to get the best within your budget, any of reviews will blow your mind! If you are just starting your gaming adventures, getting any of these monitors will be a wise choice, backed by quality, value, and performance. On top of that, you will be able to spend more on essential components, like the CPU or RAM to improve your overall experience. Good luck with your pick and may the force be with you!


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