8 Best Projectors Under 300


Why does everyone who goes out shopping for the next tech gadget always think that a higher price translates to a superior product? True, the high-end electronics often come packing a punch, but it does not mean that you cannot find a decent gadget at a fraction of the cost. The same applies to projectors, and that is why we have compiled a list of the eight best projectors under 300.

Regardless of your budget, you want to invest in a projector that will serve your purpose and last. The essential elements to consider when buying a projector include image clarity and sound quality. You want a projector that will see you through the long run even with heavy use.

It might seem overwhelming weeding through the endless lists of projectors out there. Our best list of projectors under 300 should help you find what you need.

DBPOWER T20 Home Theater best Projector under 300

DBPOWER T20 Home Theater Projector

First on our list is the DBPOWER T20 which boasts of holding the best consumer ratings out of all the projectors on this list. The mini LCD projector is the perfect addition to your list of home entertainment gadgets. However, if you want something for business or powerpoint presentations, you are better off trying another projector.

The updated system cuts the fan noise by half, and the fan disperses heat efficiently. It can project over 1.5 to five-meter distances with a 130-inch image size and 32 to 170″ screen size. The projector also features an extended lamp life offering 50,000 hours of use. Accompanied by the LED source technology, you get a superior optical clarity compared to the rest. Connect to your smartphone using a wireless HDMI dongle that you would need to buy separately. The included 3-year warranty service and lifetime support make the $99 investment more worthwhile.

GooDee Portable best Projectors under 300

GooDee Portable Projector

Experience magnificent colors and higher resolution with the GooDee 1,800 Luminous home projector. Supporting 1080P and an 800 by 480P resolution, you receive a 1000:1 efficiency contrast. Its portable design makes it the perfect home and on-the-go entertainment solution. The projector features MHL connectivity and multimedia support via AV/SD/HDMI/USB/VGA.

Enjoy quality sound delivered from the projector’s inbuilt 2W speaker. With a 1.5 to four-meter throw distance and 50 to 130-inch screen size, the GooDee projector comes equipped to handle your changing viewing needs. An 18 months warranty comes with the package. Also includes is a replacement or refund offer if you are not satisfied with the projector within the first two months of use. Get one from Amazon at only $84.99.

Meyoung TC80 Movie Mini best Projectors under 300

Meyoung TC80 Movie Mini Projector

Making it to our list of the best projectors under 300 is the Meyoung TC80 movie mini projector. Connect to any HDMI-enabled device including smartphones and tablets. However, the Meyoung does not work as the best option for powerpoint presentations. Best yet, you can enjoy your S$ games projected over a 50 to 130″ screen.

The Meyoung TC80 performs exceptionally well at night delivering bright images and more vibrant colors. The projector features an inbuilt speaker with a powerful amplifier. With a native 800 by 450 resolution and 1,200 lumens, the projector has a 50 to 130-inch throw screen range. The accompanying throw distance is 4.9 to 13.2 feet with a 4:3/16:9 aspect ratio. Buy one from Amazon for as low as $89.99.

ViewSonic PJD5155 SVGA best Projectors under 300

ViewSonic PJD5155 SVGA Projector

The ViewSonic JD5155 comes with an 800 by 600 resolution and 3300 lumens. It also features an 83-inch screen size with a 12 feet throw distance and a 203-inch screen with 30 feet throw distance. Bundled up with an advanced color technology, you get outstanding sharpness with an array of inputs. The projector comes equipped with selections of audiovisual features making it ideal for education, small business, and home use.

On Eco mode, the lamp can last for up to 10,000 hours. Some of the other notable features the projector comes with include inbuilt speakers, optical focus, port cover and lamp hood, and zoom and optical focus support. The projector has a 3.3 to 32.8 feet throw distance with a throw ratio of 1.86~2.04:1. A 3-year limited parts warranty is included with a one-year limited lamp. The ViewSonic projector works with Amazon Fire TV, Mac and Windows laptops, Blu-ray and DVD players, Google Chromecast, and AppleTV as well as many more devices. It costs $299.99 from Amazon, and with the added benefit of functioning as a professional projector, the price is worth every cent.

CiBest GP90 Portable Projector

The CiBest GP90 makes it t our list because of its extensive selection of multimedia support. You can project your video games, watch home movies, view photos, or enjoy some backyard cinema experience with the help of the CiBest projector. Bundled up with the projector is a HiFi built-in stereo system and with the ability to connect to external speakers via RCA L/R port or HDMI.

Get yourself a wireless HDMI connector to project media from your smartphone or tablet. With the upgraded LED technology, the projector relays crystal clear images which are 1.2 times brighter compared to other projectors. Cutting out the optical harm inflicted by other gadgets such as TVs and laptops, you can enjoy hours of projected gaming and movie viewing. The GP90 features a 35 to 180-inch screen size which you can adjust by changing the projector distance between 1.2 to 5.5 meters. With the LED lamp you get up to 30,000 hours of use with the inbuilt bulb able to save as much as 70% energy.  Unfortunately, the projector does not support AC3 and Dolby audio. It goes for $185.99 on Amazon.

EPSON VS250 3,200 Lumens best Projectors under 300

EPSON VS250 3,200 Lumens Projector

The EPSON VS250 projector performs remarkably well even in rooms that are well-lit. The projector can handle white brightness and color because it comes equipped with 3,200 lumens. It works well as an everyday graphics and presentations projector with 800 by 600 SVGA resolution. The projector’s user-friendliness makes it an excellent portable solution for both professional and home use.

You can project media from compatible media players and laptops with HDMI support.The EPSON projector also boasts of delivering three times better color brightness and three times fuller color gamut. The only notable setbacks of the projector are its deafening fan noise and the lack of a carry case. You can get one from Amazon for $299.99.



If you are looking for a mini projector for your home entertainment, look no further. The ELEPHAS projector features a 50 to 130-inch projection size providing a cinematic viewing experience. The inbuilt LED lamp is kind to your eyes enabling you to enjoy endless hours of projected entertainment. Best yet, you can project multimedia from compatible gadgets including pS3, Xbox, TVs, and laptops via HDMI input. Hook your headphones up to the projector via VGA jack or external speakers through the audio port.

The projector also supports U-disk/hard disk and comes with a USB slot. Using a TFT LCD imaging technology, the projector delivers 1,200 lumens of brightness. It comes with a 50 to 130-inch projection size with a 1.5 to 4-meter throw distance. The native resolution is 800 by 480 pixels with a 16:10 aspect ratio. An HDMI cable comes with the projector, but you would need to buy a wireless HDMI adapter to project media from your smartphone or tablet. Also, your smartphone or tablet must feature the MHL function to work with this projector. You can grab one of these projectors for only $84.99 from Amazon.

VIVIBRIGHT GP100 3,500 Lumens best Projectors under 300

VIVIBRIGHT GP100 3,500 Lumens Projector

Last on our list is the VIVIBRIGHT GP100. The projector comes with 3,500 lumens and a 720P resolution. It makes use of LED light technology ensuring efficiency delivering an enhanced viewing effect which is three times superior compared to the 480P. The use of the LED technology also means that your eyes get protected even with hours of projected viewing.

The projector features a small adjustable support making it adaptable to different environments. Enjoy a wider screen size from 35 to 180-inches and a 1.2 to 5.5 meters throw distance. The native resolution is 1280 by 800 pixels and with a1920 by 1080P maximum resolution. Project multimedia including movies, audio, pictures, and E-book reads. You can manually set the lens/focus. The projector does not work that well with displaying Tru vivid colors. Buy it from Amazon at $208.99.

To Sum It Up

We came up with this list of 8 best projectors under 300, based on their excellent feedback. The features and benefits of each product also guided our selection process. They are all best sellers, and any of them would be an excellent choice at this price point.

However, you want to narrow down to the best projector based on your particular needs and preferences. You must have realized that we chose leading projectors from different brands. It, therefore, means that your choice might come down to your preferred electronics brand. While our list predominantly features projectors that would best serve home entertainment needs, the EPSON VS250 functions decently for professional purposes.

Some of the other vital features to consider when buying a projector includes user-friendliness and portability. The last thing you need is a machine that comes with rocket-science-like operational instructions. Being able to move the projector around as required for use at home or on-the-go works as an added benefit. With these guidelines, we are sure that you must now know what device would serve your needs from our list of best projectors under 300. If you want something even more budget-friendly, have a look at our list of best projectors under 100.


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