7 Best 50 inch TVs Under 400

best TVs under 400 Spectre E505BV-FMQK LED HDTV

Deciding to buy a new TV means months or even years of saving up. The reason is that we always think that the big bucks TVs are the ones we need. Now add in size to that equation and most of us might have to wait for years before buying that 50″ TV we want.

TVs have come a long way, and they now feature enhanced technologies. However, the problem most people face is struggling with finding the seven perfect TV that fits into their budget. Most people want a TV that comes packing a punch with super cool features such as a smart OS, 4K resolution, and full HD.

Now before getting into the nitty-gritty, you must first understand what you want out of a TV. That means deciding about connectors, smart or none-smart TV, screen type (OLED, LCD, and LED), resolution, and refresh rate. Sometimes you might not even have a clue about what you want technically. You still need to figure out whether you want a TV that performs decently as a gaming monitor or a TV to watch movies/TV shows.  Beyond finding a 50″ TV that fits your budget, you will be stuck trying to figure out all these technicalities.

You no longer have to spend endless months saving for the big bucks TVs because we wanted to help you with the TV shopping process. We compiled a list of the seven best 50 inch TVs under 400 to help you out. The truth is that you might have to add anywhere between $20 to $50 for some, but you will get the 50″ TV you want within the $400 range.

best 50 inch TVs under 400 TCL 50FS3800 Smart LED TV 2015 Model


TCL 50FS3800 Smart LED TV 2015 Model 

First on our list is the TCL Roku Smart LED TV which has the highest rating out of all the 50″ TVs on this list. The TCL 2005 model stands at 44.5″ by 22.8″ by 3.2″ (W x H x D) without its stand and at 44.5″ by 27.8″ by 8.7″ with its stand. You can access more than 4,000 streaming channels offering over 450,000 TV episodes and movies thanks to the Roku TV. Entertainment is at the forefront of this TV, and you could easily convert it into a gaming TV.

With a 1080p Full HD display, you get lifelike pictures also supported by the Direct-lit LED. Some of the Roku Smart TV’s features include a 120Hz refresh rate, three HDMI, 1 USB, Composite, RF, Headphone Jack, and Optical Audio Out ports. Grab yourself a used one for only $442.08 or less from Amazon.

best 50 inch TVs under 400 VIZIO D50-d1 LED TV 2016 Model

VIZIO D50-d1 LED TV 2016 Model

TVs are synonymous with entertainment, and that is what you get with the VIZIO D50-d1 LED TV. The 2016 model features the internet App plus allowing you to enjoy all the latest TV shows, movies, and music. The VIZIO D50-d1 delivers superb image quality with the help of the Full-Array LED Backlight technology. LEDs get distributed evenly behind the whole screen to display light uniformly and achieve superior picture performance.

The VIZIO 50″ TV also features 12 Active LED Zones which adjust dynamically creating a more profound, higher contrast, and pure black levels. Connect to the internet via the in-built WiFi support. You get enhanced sharpness and motion clarity with the Clear Action 240 support and 120Hz refresh rate. Easily organize and find apps with the help of the full-screen app launcher. You can get one of these LED TVs from Amazon at about $419.99 or less for a used one.

Upstar p50EA8 LED TV best 50 inch TVs under 400


Upstar P50EA8 LED TV 2015 Model 

Third on our list of the best 50 inch TVs under 400 is the Ustar P50EA8. The LED TV features 1920 by 1080 resolution with a widescreen display. You get a hotel menu giving you access to instant entertainment. The TV comes equipped to accommodate various HD inputs with a 16:9 contrast ratio. You get vibrant images without lag all thanks to the TVs 6.6ms response time and 60Hz refresh rate.

The Upstar TV’s decent response time and refresh rate deliver distortion-free and blur-free images. Included are a fantastic set of speakers which provide a stereo experience. It may not be the best TV for gaming or streaming via HDMI, but the vibrant colors, brightness, and sharpness make it a worthwhile investment for just $398.88 from Amazon.

best 50 inch TVs under 400 Spectre E505BV-FMQK LED HDTV


Get clear resolution and brilliant colors packaged in a sleek design with the Spectre E505BV-FMQK 50″ TV. The TV comes designed to seamlessly relay action-packed sequences with the MEMIC (Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation) 120 feature. The HDTV also features the Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL). With MHL support you can transfer your multimedia (TV shows, movies, and music) from MHL enabled smartphones and tablets to the TV.

Enjoy your preffered dose of entertainment accompanied with crisp audio supported by the DTS SRS TruSurround. With the TruSurround, the TV delivers maximum bass and smooth treble response. The TVs dimensions are 44.17″ by 25.35″ by 1.93″ without ist stand and 44.17″ by 27.95″ by 12.72″ with its stand. You get three HDMI ports and with USB support. The disadvantages of this TV is that it does not support connectivity technology. Buy it from Amazon for only $335.85.

best TVs under 400 Hisense 50H4C Roku Smart LED TV




Hisense 50H4C Roku Smart LED 2016 Model

The Hisense 50H4C Roku Smart TV makes it to our list of best 50″ TVs under 400 because of its access to endless content. With this TV you can access more than 3500 channels via streaming with over 250,000 TV episodes and movies. Roku Search allows you to find what you are looking for quickly, and voice search is possible in collaboration with the Roku Android and iOS Mobile App. The TV is set up to allow you to enjoy endless hours of watching your favorite TV shows and movies but it can perform decently as a gaming monitor.

Access your choice of entertainment in 1080 FHD resolution relaying bright and clear pictures. The TV features three HDMI ports, one USB port, one Digital Audio Out, one AV, and one headphone output. Connect to your preffered mode of entertainment via the Dual-Band Wireless support which is three times faster than regular WiFI. You can buy a used one from Amazon for about $400.

Samsung Electronics UN50M5300A best 50 inch TVs under 400

Samsung Electronics UN50M5300A 2017 Model

The Samsung Electronics UN50M5300A HD Smart TV allows you to bring all your favorite media content to life. True to the Samsung brand, you get nothing short of vivid and vibrant images with Full HD 1080 display with this smart TV. Bundled with intuitive smart TV features such the inbuilt WiFi you get a more interactive and connected home entertainment experience. With inbuilt WiFi support, you gain access to a limitless choice of entertainment.

It does not get any clearer than it does with this smart TV because of the wide color enhancer. You can still get enriched colors even when playing non-HD content with this TV. Some of the other exciting features included are the voice on demand, social media, and apps support. You can plug in a media source via USB or the two included HDMI ports to enjoy your preffered choice of entertainment. Enjoy better sound with the DTS premium 5.1 delivering enhanced audio clarity and richness. The smart TV features a 60Hz refresh rate, weighing 27.8lbs, and its dimensions are 13.3″ by 44.9″ by 28.6.” Buy one for just $389.99 from Amazon.

Sharp LC-50N500U Smart LED TV best TVs under 400

Sharp LC-50N5000U Smart LED TV 2016 Model

The Sharp LC-50N5000U makes it t our list of best 50 inch TVs under 400 because it is one of the smart TVs you can buy for $500 for a new one and $400 or less for a used one. The smart TV features full-HD technology accompanied by room-filling sound. You get sharp pictures relayed even with fast action entertainment. Amongst the noteworthy features of this TV are its inbuilt Apps, AquoMotion, and Web Browser and App Store support.

Access streaming entertainment via Ethernet support or WiFi. You can then enjoy endless hours of entertainment from the included Netflix, Facebook, Pandora, and Vudu apps. The Sharp’s sleek design packs a punch with crystal clear pictures, vibrant colors, striking details, and breathtaking 1080 display. With Multiple ports and AquoMotion, the Sharp TV can handle evolving future technologies.

The Final Verdict

With these seven choices, everyone can undoubtedly find their next best TVs under 400. Suffice to say that some go a little beyond the $400 mark, but a majority fall under $400 giving anyone with the highest of budgets a decent selection. Now, while most people get attracted to the tech-enhanced smart TVs, our list presents you with noteworthy none-smart choices. You can still access a vast selection of entertainment via HDMI and USB connections.

If your primary purpose in looking for a 50″ TV is gaming, then we highly recommend the TCL Roku Smart TV. You get a combination of ultra HD, and a smart LED OS, and HDR (High Dynamic Range delivering excellent pictures. The Roku streaming services also come in handy with access to over 4000 channels, gaming consoles, and cable TV. The Roku Voice Search makes it, even more, more comfortable to locate your favorite titles.

Either way, you would be well served with any of the selections of best TVs under 400 from our list. Whether you want an upgrade or a spare TV for one of the rooms in your house; we guarantee that you can find it on our list. If you can stretch out your budget by one or two hundred dollars, have a look at our list of best TVs under 600.


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