5 Best Projectors Under 100

5 Best Projectors Under 100

Are you looking to purchase a projector for meetings and presentations at the office, for lecture halls, gaming, or for home entertainment? Nothing beats the memories of nighttime backyard family movies with a topping of some barbecue and grills. The key is including a quality projector into the mix. No worries if you are buying one for the first time; we will help you through the process.

Projectors, like every other gadget out there, are not easy to shop for. Most sites bombard you with some technical language and do not dive right into telling you what you need. A lot of tech buyers ride on the belief that the most expensive gadget equates to high-quality specifications. Technology production companies also peg on this ideology to manipulate their pricing rates. Guess what, projector retailers will not tell you;  several high-quality projectors are available for as low as or below $100.

However, with so many of options available you still have the difficult task of choosing n0thing short of the best. We have your back with this list of five best projectors under 100 to look out for.

VisualGreat Gp80 best projectors under 100

VisualGreat GP80 Projector

  • Display: 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution; 220 lux brightness, contrast ratio 10,000:1; 1800 and lumens
  • Power: 60 Hz

VisualGreat GP80 is a svelte projector available in white and black color choices. It uses professional LCD TV chips, giving it a high res Full HD  image quality. It features a pure LED lamp that displays well balanced and rich colors. Its 1800 ANSI lumens allow it to provide 30,000 hours of entertainment. Assuming you use it for let’s say 4 hours a day; you can use it for up to 20 years before needing replacement. It’s also compatible with other devices such as laptops, monitors, console games, tablets, and smartphones. This makes it a choice for home users with large family members who use it for watching movies.

Its portable, lightweight characteristic allows you to carry it around in a briefcase, pouch or backpack. It is easy to set up and navigate whether using a remote control or buttons. The lens can be easily rotated, and the keystone lever can be adjusted to allow you play videos via a USB, HDMI port. Visual Great GP80 Projector is available at $99.98 at VisualGreat stores, but you could get it for as low as $69.999 on Amazon. If you do not mind a used & new offer, you could grab one at about $70 on Amazon. A downside to this choice would be its poor quality speakers. This is a bargainable downside in comparison to the deal it comes with.

DBPOWER T20 best projectors under 100

DBPOWER T20 1500 Lumens

  • Display: 1080p; 1500 lumens Intel HD Graphics
  • Size: 32-176 inch with projector distance 1.5-5m

DBPOWER T20 is available in white and black colors at OXA USA COM and Amazon. It is uniquely known for innovative cooling technology with a heat dispersing effect that prevents overheating after long hours of use. This ultimately leads to a suppression of the annoying fan noise in most projectors. It is 50% brighter than most LED projectors in the industry. This feature enables home entertainment in the dark. It not only has a lifespan of up to 50000 hours but also has a 3-year warranty. In case it wears out, the company has reliable customer service and technical support crew. It comes with a free HDMI cable and USB, SD card, VGA and Av ports. This supports connection to iPhones, Android smartphones, home theatre TVs and laptop gaming systems.

Its major downside is its incompatibility with Word or PowerPoint files. In other words, you cannot use it for business presentations. In this case, it may not be the ideal choice for use in classrooms or for business presentations. It also has an annoying feature that projects images on the screen as bluish. Therefore, the projector might not be ideal for colored pictures, but this can be adjusted through the image settings. The price is a bait going for as low as $72.99!

Blusmart LED-9 best projectors under 100

Blusmart LED-9 Home Video Projector

  • Display: 150 inches; 1080 pixel resolution; 1800 lumens; LED- 9
  • Size: 30 inches to 150 inches with projector distance of about 1.2m-5m.

Blusmart LED-9 is a mini home projector popular for its eye protection features. It uses the principle of diffused light reflection which keeps the eyes from direct light and prevents strains. Unlike most projectors in the industry, it is 1.6% brighter due it is a single color white LED lamp. Blusmart LED 9 has lower fan noise due to a high tech cooling system.

Its coverage is also similar to a big screen TV with up to 150 inches of projection at and a maximum projection distance of 5m. A combination of its display features and screen projection size enables interactivity.

Unlike most projectors, you can connect Blusmart to your smartphone or iPad using a wireless HDMI dongle that supports MHL functions. It has different card slots and multi-interface ports such as AV, SD, USB, HDMI, and TV slots for connectivity to other devices. It is among the projectors with a leading warranty service of 3 years, professional customer care services. Their technical support is always a phone call away.

The major downside is its inability to support PowerPoints and other business-related documents. Its price, $99.98 will not break the bank for anyone interested in using a projector for entertainment purposes.

FastFox UC40 best projectors under 100

FastFox UC40 LED LCD Mini Projector

  • Display: 100 inches; 1280 x 800 pixel resolution; 3000 lumens
  • Size: 130-inch coverage for distance of 30 feet; 10.55 pounds 

FastFox is among the best projectors under 100. It is popular for its eye protection rather than P/TV screen alternative. It projects a wide screen of up to 130 inches for a distance of 13ft. Its good quality sound system, high lumen, and pixels enhance the quality of media. It also supports multi-device connection through its USB port, HDMI to PC, MP4, and game consoles; AV to VCD/DVD/TV connections and VGA to Pc.   This makes it the best choice for several multimedia purposes such as music, pictures, and videos.

For maintenance purposes, it has a recommended span of usage is 3 to 4 hours. However, the high quality of the FastFox UC40 almost guarantees little or nearly no need for maintenance. of It is available on Amazon stores at about $80 for a used one.

Meyoung Portable best projectors under 100

Meyoung Portable Projector 1080P 1200 Lumens 150″ for Outdoor Indoor Movie Night

  • Display: 11.6 inches; 800 x 480 pixel resolution; 1200 lumens Intel HD Graphics
  • Size: 150 inches
  • Throw Screen Range: 50-30 inches; Throw distance: up to 13.12ft

The Meyoung portable 1080p projector is arguably one of the best projectors under 100. It has high display features such as 2000 lumens. In the past years, 1080 pixels projectors were extremely expensive and not easily available. After a technological evolution, this projector with an ancient resolution of 800x 400 is now available at $99.89. It has a short throw pico cinema screen range of between 50-130 inch, and Throw Distance of between 4.9 to 13.12 feet. It has a well-balanced aspect Ratio of 4:3 or 16:9. These high interactivity features make it a true gift for friends and family members during holidays. It enables high-quality images and videos in the dark of the night for an outdoor or indoor movie or football night.

This gaming projector enables you to display music, pictures, and videos from your smartphone using an HDMI adapter. It also supports HD Video games such as PS4. It allows connection to other HDMI enabled devices such as Laptops, PCs, Tablets, Blueray DVD Player, and Smartphones. It also has USB, SD card ports to support multimedia usage. It also has an inbuilt loud and adequately amplified speaker for quality sound. It is however not recommended for powerpoint presentations


When purchasing the best projector consider its ease of use, interactivity, image positioning and adjustment, color and white brightness (lumen), the levels of dark and bright on a screen (contrast ratio), resolution power of images (pixels). Also check if it is a wireless or wired projector, its compatibility with other devices, and of course- its availability and pricing. Be keen to purchase your projector from a reliable source to avoid any event of conning.

Before picking a projector, it is vital that you question its purpose. Use a projector with eye protecting qualities, and a cooling system for heavy use purposes such as long hour gaming or in commercial movie theatres. Get a basic projector that supports Powerpoint, Word and other business related document if you need it for business presentations or classroom settings.

We have tried to simplify all the technical information necessary for the purchase of the best projectors under 100 dollars. All projectors on this list are best-sellers with a guarantee of the best price bargain and quality. We recommend FastFox UC40 LED LCD Mini Projector for its ability to support professional, commercial, and entertainment functions. In case you are looking for the best projector for entertainment, you could opt for the Blustmart projectors. We hope you now have a bearing of the ideal option. We wish you all the best! Have fun shopping!

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